We have over 30 years of experience in professional music and sound. Yeah so what? So does every other studio in the world, What makes us different? . We’ve actually been in your shoes, weather your trying to get a kick start or trying to make it big. We want your own sound and style to show threw the music.  We are here to guide you threw every step of the way.

We also have in house web hosting for band websites, information, streaming music, and video. We own and operate these servers, not 3rd party..

Software and Equpiment


  1. Protools 12HD HDX
  2. Digital Performer
  3. LOGIX X


  1. AVID HDX 56in 58Out a/d d/a converters
  2. MOTU 24ai 24ao a/d d/a converters
  3. Universal Audio OCTO Quad Cards, X 2 for dsp
  4. AVID HDX x 2 for dsp
  5. HEADBUS 6Channel head-back mixer for recording full band live or for just a personal mix

PreAmp Selection

  • API
  • SSL

We can record live band multi track including 12 drum mic setup.

Our Latest News

20 Sep 2015
MOTU 24Ai/Ao
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We have recently started to use our MOTU Ai/Ao Boxes as a stage snake. We can now record your rehearsal time.

This is a Multi track recording.

Client tour dates

25th September 2015
Mikey Potato Band
07:00 pm -
The Grape Room